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Where you build castles and scrap unwanted stuff, be careful not to scrap any important gear.

Castle Construction 築城 Edit


Construction Slots

Build new castles (築城する) with keystones. You start with two slots and two more extra slots can be unlocked (解放する) using 10 spiritual gems each. Quick-completion bells can be used to immediately complete castle constructions (短縮する) regardless of build time. There are two constructions modes: normal and special.

Upgrade Castle Construction at Facilities to increase chances of obtaining better Castle Girls.

Construction Popup

Construction mode selection

Normal Construction 通常築城 Edit

Uses 1 keystone and 1000 gold, normal drop rate.

Special Construction 特殊築城 Edit

Depending on ongoing events and campaigns, required resources may differ. Special construction typically requires more resources in exchange for boosted rates for certain Castle Girls. Current special construction:

  • Uses 200 Kinmeisui (Obtained through event missions) and 1000 gold, drops only Inabayama or Gifu

Weapon Strengthening 武器強化 Edit

Upgrade weapons by using weapons of the same rarity, the cost of gold depends on the level of the final product. Success rates differ but in general the success rate is higher if the level of the weapon used as material is higher.

Upgrade Development Level at Facilities to increase success rates.

Castle Retirement 城娘引退 Edit

Retire Castle Girls in exchange for gold.

Weapon Scrapping 武器破棄 Edit

Scrap weapons in exchange for gold.

 Weapon Inspection 武器確認 Edit

Displays all weapons in your possession, you can sort by new (入手), type (武器種), attack (攻撃力) , and rarity (レア度) by clicking on 変更. There is no way to switch between ascending/descending order.

Development 開発 Edit

Create a weapon or facility by using 200 Yakumo Gems (やくも珠) and 1000 Gold. Yakumo Gems acquired whenever Castle Girls used as a material in Merging (城娘合成), Reconstruction (城娘改築), Retirement (城娘引退) and Installations (設備). The number of earned Yakumo Gems depends on the Rarity of Castle Girls used as a material.

Rarity Event/Construction Only Castle Girls? Gacha Only Castle Girls?
★ 7 200 2000
★ 6 60 600
★ 5 20 200
★ 4 10 50
★ 3 5 5
★ 2 2 -
★ 1 1 -

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