This page serves as a comprehensive list (Soon™) of different terms used in the game. Official Terms are listed down here but the terms used by the fans are also included. English-exclusive terms are also included here. The terms are important in playing the game but also for talking about the game with fellow players, so reading this page will be helpful for that purpose.

Most of the Official terms might have been already explained over and over in the How to Play section or in another section in the wiki but it is listed here for completion's sake.

Official Term Edit

Tono(殿):  Means Lord. He is the representation of the player. Failure to protect the Lord in battle will result in failure of the mission.

Shiromusume(城娘):  Means Castle Girl. They are are anthropomorphisms of castles that serve you, the Lord, and protect you during missions. They are based on actual historical Japanese (although there are exceptions) castles in their current or previous forms. They are your main defense force in Missions. See the Castle Girl page for more info.

Jinmusume(神娘):  Means God Girl. There are currently 4 of them in the game: 2 are non-player characters while the other 2 are EXP fodders for your Castle Girls (Tsubasa/ツバサ) and Facilities (Byakusen/白線). See the Jinmusume page for more info.

Kabuto(兜):  The main opposing faction on the game. Literally means 'helmet'. Because most of the enemy variant you will come accross literally use Helmet as their head protection.

Orb(霊珠):  Premium currency in the game.  Also called spiritual gem.  Can be used in the Shrine or for restoring AP.

Gold(金):  Main currency in the game.  Needed for merging, upgrading Facilities, upgrading Weapons, etc.

Level(Lv.):  Castle girls attributes can be increased by increasing their level.  Enough Experience Points (EXP) increases their level, as in an RPG. EXP can be gained in two ways.  Completed missions, and merging with other castle girls, or Jinmusume for more EXP.  


Top castle girl is a Kai, as indicated by the purple diamond in the lower left.

Kai(改):  As opposed to leveling up, this is like a castle girl upgrade.  It is not possible to 'kai' all girls. Some girls gain a stratagem or get an upgraded skill upon kai.  All kai'ed girls get base and max attribute upgrades.

Taiha(大破):  When a girls Endurance (HP) gets reduced to zero in a battle.  This cuts her XP in half upon successful completion of the battle.

Skill(特技):  Passive skill that activates upon max gigantification in most cases while some activate each gigantification. See the Skills page for more detailed info.

Stratagem(計略):  An active skill with varying effects that costs Ki to use and has a set cooldown. Not all units have a stratagem but having one will increase their basic Ki cost by 2. See the Stratagem page for more detailed info.

AP(霊力):  The energy, or stamina, used to embark on a map.  Literally spiritual energy.  Recovers at a rate of 1AP/5 minutes.  Refills completely upon tono level up.  Using an orb or AP refill medicine will give you the equivalent of your max AP tacked on to unspent AP, so it's possible to be over max.

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Fans Term/Nicknaming Edit

Maps:  All maps have names, but they are lengthy, and the large amount of map names makes it impractical to use them.  As a result, we refer to event maps as E.  For example E-3 (or just E3) refers to the 3rd current event map, in order of difficulty.  So far in the game progression, the always available story maps (Unification) follow a linear pattern, and so we often refer to them as 1-x.  For example, 1-5 would be the 5th Unification map (※ clearing this map once is usually the minumum requirement for taking part in events), in order of difficulty.  

Ahegao(アヘ顔) : Refer to the face Miki make in her "Heavy-Damaged" CG.

Ikemen(イケメン) : Refer to the overall Sakurao appearance which is totally that of the truest form of ikemen.

SHAA !(っしゃぁー!) : Refer to the voice Oniga make when you obtain her whether from Sortie or construction. You might see her often if you do the construction and unavoidably hear this line over and over again, but please bear with it.

Obijoudesu(オビジョウデス) : Refer to the first line when you obtain Obi. I don't know why JP fans wants to call her with a longer nickname than her own name, but i guess because that line combine with her super soft voice is cute so no problem.

Guerilla(ゲリラ) : Refer to Tsudzurao, according to JP wiki because her name is so hard to spell out ( even in romaji @@ ), They call it "gerira" or Guerilla.

Kokuo(国王) : Refer to Urasoe, Shuri. Okinawa, where Urasoe Castle and Shuri Castle were located, was an independent kingdom from 14th to 18th century. The kingdom was called "Ryukyu" and the royal families of Ryukyu were the lord of the castles as well, so they call player "Kokuo(Your Majesty)".

JoJo : Yeah... you see the stylized writing right, It's JoJo ! Refer to Kitanosho including all of her remodel. It's obvious enough because she's the first castle to have things that looks like STAND behind her.

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English player term Edit

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