Terrain Plain Plains - Mountain No. ?
Class Katana RE Katana Cost 12
Region ? Gigantification 4
Sendai II Template Level 1
Endurance 1652 ?
Attack 74 ?
Defense 66 ?
Range 120 ?
Recovery 10 ?
Level [Max]
Endurance 2526 4546
Attack 210 344
Defense 186 305
Range 120 187
Recovery 26 26
Increase Defense II Increases own defense by 25%
Sendai Tanabata festival - Raises the recovery rate of the Shiromusume in range by 10 until the end of the wave.
Cost 7 Cooldown 60
Construction Time
No Data

Appendix: Her previous form is called "Sendai(千代)" as well, but it has different meaning. Previous Sendai was named after a wish that the castle lasts thousand(千) years(代). After a while Masamune Date (aka "One-eyed dragon") the lord of Sendai Castle named his land and castle Sendai, but its written "仙台" this time. Nowadays, Sendai city is the capital of Miyagi prefecture in Japan. Residents in Sendai prefer to call Sendai Castle "Aoba Castle" somehow.