Hello and Welcome to the world of Shiro Project: RE. This article will be a guide to teach you the basics of the game. Please note that these terminology are tentative.

Basic Gameplay Edit

Tono 殿 Edit


As the Tono, or lord, you handle the strategy of the Castles. During a mission, you will be placed in your Headquarters and will remain there for the remainder of the mission. Your health is indicated as a bar under your avatar and numerically on the top left corner.

Castle Girls 城娘 Edit

Castle Girls are your "towers" in this game. These girls can be deployed to positions marked on the screen, your objective is to defend your Lord with them. After a short cutscene, you will be thrown into a tutorial mission with 5 starter Castle Girls under your command - Yanagawa, Higashi Kurokawa Yakata, Odaki, Urasoe and Kubota.

For more detailed information, go here.

Deployment Edit

Unlike most tower defense games, castle girls can be placed on the enemy's path and you are encouraged to do so in order to protect yourself, the Tono. To deploy castle girls simply drag from their portrait images on the lower right and drop them onto highlighted positions, before you drop them a circle will indicate their attack range and valid positions will be highlighted. Clicking on them when they're deployed will show their attack range, and options to gigantify (巨大化) or retreat (撤退). The blue circle indicates their current range and the red one indicates the upgraded range.

Positioning Edit

Positions in the map are categorized as melee, range, or both, they appear as red, blue, and a mix of both. During missions Castle Girls can only be deployed to positions tied to their weapon type, the same goes for stratagem summons.  

Ki 気 Edit


Ki is the resource that is used for everything in the mission, deploying Castle Girls, upgrading them and activating stratagem. The amount of ki the player starts with depends on the selected mission, the game automatically generates ki at a constant rate throughout a mission and killing kabuto generates ki as well.

Classes Edit

Castle Girls are basically divided into melee and range classes, denoted by red and blue icons respectively; this directly affects where the units can be placed. For further information go here.

Gigantification 巨大化 Edit

Gigantification is a process of upgrading a Castle Girl during a battle not unlike other tower defense games. If an exclamation mark appears over a girl's head during a mission, it means that she can undergo gigantification. Each gigantification uses a certain amount of ki that is displayed when Castle Girls are selected, it refills their part of endurance and raises their stats. The amount of times a girl can undergo gigantification depends on her rarity.

Retreat 撤退 Edit

Retreating pulls the selected Castle Girl out of the battlefield and you will regain a portion of the ki used to for deployment. She will be unavailable for a short period of time, however can be redeployed without being downgraded.

Major Damage 大破 Edit

When a Castle Girl's endurance reaches 0 they take major damage and are forced to retreat, unlike a voluntary retreat, you will not regain ki when this happens and it takes a longer period of time before she can be redeployed. In addition, all Castle Girls that have taken major damage will be awarded only half experience if the mission is successful.

Warehouses 蔵Edit

Warehouses are buildings located on the map. Depending on the map, warehouses might be present and enemies will try to destroy them. If you manage to protect them, you can gain excellent rewards after the battle.

Terrain Edit

Castle girls get an in-combat bonus for matching with the map's terrain type. See details here.

Estate 所領 Edit

The main interface, once you finish the tutorial this will be the first thing you see every time you log in. Here announcements and log in bonuses will be shown for during your first daily login. 


Left-Side Menu BarEdit

Deployment 出陣 Edit

Allows you to select missions, missions fall under 3 categories:

  • Unifying the Country (天下統一) - Regular missions with assorted drops
  • Daily Dispatch (曜日出兵) - Missions that rotates everyday, prioritized drops
  • Emergency Dispatch (緊急出兵) - Missions available for limited time, allows players to obtain specific castle girls or weapons
    • Reissued Dispatch (復刻出兵) - Repeated emergency dispatch missions, same rewards as the original run.

Castle Girls 城娘 Edit

Castle Girl related functions such as squad composition, Castle Girl upgrading and retirement.

Workshop 工房 Edit

Build Castle Girls with keystones, upgrade weapons or scrap unwanted ones for gold.

Shrine 神社 Edit

Spend all your precious spiritual gems here, you can summon high rarity Castle Girls (minimum of 3-stars) and buy stuff with gems.

Bottom Menu BarEdit

Omikuji おみくじ  Edit

Daily bonus draw, based on luck. Here are the possible results.

大吉 中吉 小吉 末吉
AP +100 +80 +50 +30 +15
Gold 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000
Keystones 7 6 5 4 3
Weapon 3* 2* 2* 1* 1*
Affection Gift(s) 3*5% 1*10% 1*5% 3*1% 1*1%

Installations 施設 Edit

Upgrade your installations to increase success rate and Castle Girl and weapon slots.

Tasks 任務 Edit

Daily tasks that you can perform to obtain rewards.

Presents プレゼント Edit

Where you collect your login bonuses, promotional items and rewards.

Warning: These are not automatically collected so remember to do so! There are limited slots so items left for too long can be lost.

Miscellaneous その他 Edit

Collection list, login bonuses and help section.


Castle Girls Edit

Castle Girls are characters that protect the Lord. By organizing them into Units, they play active roles during battles to protect the Lord.

Rarity Edit

Their rarity levels range from 1 to 7 and are represented using stars. In general, high rarity castles have better stats, skills and stratagems.

Stats Edit

  • Level レベル
  • Endurance 耐久 - Health
  • Attack 攻撃
  • Defense 防衛
  • Recovery 回復
  • Range 範囲
  • Basic Ki Cost 基本消費気 - Initial cost of deploying a Castle Girl during a mission
  • Gigantification Limit 巨大化回数 - Amount of times the Castle Girl can be upgraded during a mission
  • Skill 特技 - A passive skill that activates when a Castle Girl reaches maximum upgrade during a mission
  • Stratagem 計略 - Manually activated skills

Classes Edit

Castle Girls each can only use the weapon type assigned to their class and can only be deployed to limited positions; positions available will be highlighted when you drag the Castle Girls onto the map. The two main classes are denoted by different colors, red for melee and blue for range.

Melee Edit

Denoted by red icons, melee units in general have higher defense and short range, however they can attack multiple enemies at once.

  • Spear RE Spear - Long range, low damage, low defense; hits 2 enemies in the same line per attack.
  • Katana RE Katana - Medium range, medium damage, medium defense; hits 2 enemies per attack.
  • Hammer RE Hammer - Short range, high damage, high defense; creates a shockwave that hits multiple enemies.
  • Shield RE Shield - Short range, low damage, extremely high defense; hits 2 enemies and stops up to 2 without skills.

Range Edit

Denoted by blue icons, range units have high range and low defense and can only hit single targets unless noted; most range units prioritizes aerial enemy units. Unlike melee, range units consist of attackers and healers.
  • Attackers
    • Houjutsu RE Magic - Short range, slows targets.
    • Bow Bow - Fast attack, deals extra damage to air units.
    • Crossbow RE Crossbow - Medium range.
    • Gun RE Gun - Long range, high damage, knocks targets back slightly.
    • Cannon RE Cannon - Area damage, does not prioritize air units.
    • Bell - Constant area damage to all enemies in range.
  • Healers
    • Kabu RE Performer - Long range, heals Castle Girls and Tono.

For more information, please go to this page.