Game Update: March 7th, 2017

Maintenance Details for March 7th, 2017

1. Emergency Dispatch

  • New Event "Guided Down the Young Maple Pass" begins

2. Added new girl to summoning ritual

  • ⚝5 Hamada
  • Hamada cannot be summoned from <Keystone Construction> or <Special Keystone Construction>

3. Changed some units in the 1st (壱) and 2nd (弐) Summoning Spotlights

  • Please refer to the features in the game itself for more information on which units were changed
  • Added "Usse" to 1st Summoning Spotlight for summoning

4. Added Kai to following girl(s)

  • Urasoe

5. Others

  • 'Almost 1 Year Anniversary!' gratitude campaign begins
    • Please check the campaign notice for more detailed information
  • Reworded the strategems of some Shiromusume
    • Shiromusume who had their strategems reworded: Fukuchiyama, Ishigakiyama
    • Their strategems were NOT changed, just reworded

6. Bugfixes and Apology

  • Regarding ⚝7 Kumamoto given out during the New Year Campaign
    • Players who have claimed Kumamoto after the end of the campaign period will have their Kumamotos removed. (since claiming period has long expired)
    • Any fodder shiromusume/castle girls fused into ⚝7 Kumamoto, and gold used, have been refunded to your present box.
    • Only players affected by this bug will be refunded.
    • Regarding some players, there are cases where the refund is split into parts and such refunds will be done over a period of time.
    • If ⚝7 Kumamoto was equipped with a weapon at the time of removal, that weapon will not be recalled and will be automatically placed in your inventory.

To compensate players, 2 Spiritual Gems will be given out to everyone registered before 10/01/2017, 3PM JST.