Game Update: February 28th, 2017

1. Emergency Dispatch

  • New Event "Interdimensional Gates and the Knight of the Holy Spear" begins

2. Added new girl to summoning ritual

  • ⚝5 Yusse
    • New class "Staff"
    • "Staff" units have attacks that ignore defense
    • They have a small range, but have a large attack value to compensate for it.
  • Yusse will be available for summoning in the 2nd Spotlight (弐) and the Normal Summons (with no spotlighted units)
  • Units in the 1st Spotlight (壱) will remain as they are until the 07/03 Maintenance
  • Yusse cannot be summoned from <Keystone Construction>, <Special Keystone Construction>, <1st Spotlight Summons>, or the <Collaboration Set Summons>

3. 2nd Summoning Spotlight returns

  • Please refer to the feature in the game itself for more details

4. Added new "Senko's Box of Blessings" package for purchase

  • Players can purchase this package with a one-time payment of 1000 DMM points and receive up to 50 Spiritual Gems (orbs) in the form of a one-time payout of 12 orbs, and daily installments of 2 orbs for 19 days.

Package Details:

  • One-time (date of purchase) payout of 12 orbs
  • For the next 19 days, an additional 2 orbs will be given out daily once you login
  • The orbs received daily in your present box will expire after 30 days if not claimed, do take note
  • As for the orbs received during the one-time payout, they are valid for 180 days from the date of purchase

Purchase Period: 28/02/2017 until the maintenance on 07/03

5. Others

  • Collaboration campaign between Aigis and Shiropro:RE is ongoing
  • 'New Tono Assistance' campaign is ongoing. All Daily Missions Warehouses +1, and all dailies are available until the next maintenance.
  • Changed some summoning tab names in the Shrine
  • Spotlighted units for the 1st Spotlight were not changed
  • Some weapons were rebalanced

Rebalance details:

  • Weapons: All talisman weapons now have 20 additional attack range