Game Update: February 21st, 2017

1. Emergency Dispatch

  • 2nd Phase maps of 'The Pincer Attack of Conspiracy and Swagger' added

2. Reissued Dispatch

  • Interdimensional Gates and the Princess of Magical Sword starts

3. Added new girl to summoning ritual

  • ⚝5 Yamatokōriyama
    • Does not drop from construction or special construction

4. Main summoning spotlight rotated

5. Added Kai to following girl(s)

  • Shuri

6. Others

  • Collaboration campaign between Aigis and Shiropro:RE begins
  • 'Welcome Back' campaign begins
  • 'New Tono Assistance' campaign begins
  • Added 'x3 Speed Up' option during the middle of a mission
    • By clicking on the button at the top-right of the screen, you can now change the game speed from (x2) to (x3)
  • Added new Jinmusume 'Tsubasa and Byakusen'
    • When 'Tsubasa and Byakusen' are used in either Castle Girl Synthesis or Facility Upgrading, they are worth 30,000UP
  • Some Castle Girls' event text have been corrected of any errors
  • Shrine summoning tabs have been modified