Game Update: January 10th, 2017

  1. Emergency Dispatch
    • The Stubborn Foreign Protector starts
  2. New castle girl added to summoning ritual
    • ⚝5 Yodo
      • Does not drop from construction or special construction
  3. Summoning spotlight rotated
  4. Added kai to castle girls
    • ⚝6 Inuyama
    • ⚝5 Kiyosu
  5. Other updates
    • ⚝7 Kumamoto II now permanently added to roster (for those who leveled her to 15 and above over the campaign)
  6. Bugs
    • Fixed a bug where castle girls still receiving range boost after the one who gives the boost is removed
      • As an apology, all users registered before January 10th, 2017 1pm JST will receive 1 spiritual gem
  7. Emergency maintenance
    • Due to an emergency maintenance on January 4th, all users registered before 4th of January 3pm JST will receive 1 spiritual gem as an apology