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• 11/29/2016

Game Update: November 29th, 2016

  1. Emergency Dispatch
    • Fading of the Soul's Mark starts
  2. Added new castle girl to summoning ritual
    • ⚝7 Azuchi
    • Does not drop from construction or special construction
  3. Rotated summoning ritual 1 spotlight
  4. Added kai to castle girls
    • ⚝5 Hagi
  5. New functions
    • Implemented omikuji (fortune telling)
      • Can be done once per day, resets 5am JST
      • Details can be viewed in the help section under Estate
      • Heart mark present system replaced by omikuji
  6. Others
    • Large update celebration campaign starts
    • Estate screen updated
      • Changed UI and background image
      • Added a button on the lower left to switch the displayed castle girl's appearance between castle girl and ojou
      • If left idle, castle girls will now say things at different intervals
        • Can be turned on and off in options
      • Any castle girl can be set as the chief retainer, in which case only that castle girl will appear in the estate screen
        • This can be done by in castle girl inspection menu
        • random chief retainer can be turned on and off in options
  7. Balance
    • Details
      • Ki generating tokens now boosts normal ki regeneration rate than generating their own ki
      • When multiple ki generators are deployed, each token following will have diminished effects
      • Ki generator cooldown time decreased to 40 seconds
      • Shuri's skill changed in accordance to ki generator change
    • Ki generator token castle girls
      • ⚝7 Hikone (Lucky Maneki-Neko Charm)
      • ⚝7 Shuri (Shisa)
      • ⚝5 Kasugayama (Bishamondō)
      • ⚝3 Shikano (Hakuto Shrine)
    • Added more terrain bonuses
      • Castle girls with matching terrain will have decreased gigantification costs
  8. Apology for emergency maintenance
    • As an apology for the emergency maintenance on the 22th of November, all users registered before the 22th of November will receive a spiritual gem in the present box
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• 11/30/2016

Oh, thanks for this.  I glossed over the Japanese update material (there was a lot this time), so I didn't realize/notice the diminished effect of multiple ki gens OR Shuri's skill change (she got an extra 20 to range on top of the attack/speed buffs she had before).  On the bright side, Hikone is wicked cheap to gigantify now.  Her last transformation only costs 20!

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