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• 11/22/2016

Game Update: November 15th, 2016

  1. Added new story mission to Unification campaign
  2. Reissued Dispatch
    • Subjugate the Kabuto General! Maeda Toshiie
  3. Special construction campaign started
  4. Added new castle girl to summoning Ritual
    • ⚝5 Gaillard
      • Does not drop from construction or special construction
  5. Added Kai to castle girls
    • ⚝5 Frankenstein
    • ⚝3 Hachiouji
  6. New features
    • Added serial code function under Others menu
    • Added weapon strengthening material, Spiritual Steel (reikou) and High Grade Spiritual Steel
  7. Others
    • During weapon upgrade material selection, only weapons and materials of the same rarity level will be displayed
    • Changed Gamou Ujisato's actions
      • Gamou Ujisato will now focus on the Tono when he arrives at the Tono's location
      • Target prioritizing the same as other enemies
    • Optimized enemy movement animation
      • Visual only, does not affect difficulty
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• 11/22/2016
Gamō Ujisato appears in Unification 1-27, and was the boss (E3, E5) in the Fukushima event.  
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