Game Update: November 8th, 2016

  1. Emergency Dispatch
    • Closed Fan Castle (閉ざされた扇城) starts
      • Note: Name sounds strange, but after looking into it seems Nakatsu is also called 扇城 because the castle grounds resemble a fan. Seems somewhat fitting but it does sound really weird.
  2. Added new castle girl to summoning ritual
    • ⚝5 Oka
  3. Summoning ritual spotlight rotated
  4. Added kai I to castle girl
    • Ishiyama Gobou
      • Experience boost from 「HOU・ON・KOU」 will not stack with Inuyama's 「Iridescent Clouds of Baidi」
  5. Bugs
    • Fixed castle girls not recovering health if gigantified right before receiving major damage