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• 8/2/2016

Game Update: August 2nd, 2016

  1. Emergency dispatch
    • Second half of Enraged Castle Girl Visits begins
  2. Changed summoning spotlight
  3. Added Kai to castle girls
    • ⚝5 Kannonji
    • ⚝3 Sunomata
  4. Others
    • 300000 registered players commemoration campaign
      • Spiritual gems and Tsubasa will as presents everyday
      • Chances of getting great success and epic success rates doubled when merging castle girls
      • all daily dispatch missions unlocked, 1 extra warehouse added to all missions
    • Added daily mission 極・蔵防衛戦 ~神娘の巻~ (Extreme version for jinmusume)
    • Balance
      • Bow class castle girls now deal 1.5 times damage to flying enemies
      • Bow class castle girls attack increased
        • Enemy Sasahara in Enraged Castle Girl Visits will be affected by this change
    • Token level cap unlocked
      • Stats increased by 1 in accordance to level cap unlock
    • Ranged tokens no longer deal decreased damage to flying enemies
      • Anping Fort from Anping's stratagem is unaffected as it didn't have decreased damage to begin with
  5. Bugs
    • Fixed weakening skills not affecting enemy castle girls in Enraged Castle Girl Visits
      • As an apology, all users registered before this maintenance are awarded 1 spiritual gem
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• 8/2/2016
Tokens means summons?
• 8/2/2016
Seems that way
• 8/4/2016

What do you mean by token? I don't get it.

edit: oh wait, is it that stratagem thing?

• 8/4/2016

Kinda.  Some girls have stratagems.  Some of those stratagems let you summon an additional offensive or passive unit to the map (or you might just use them as an obstacle).  Since they talk about Anping's strat, it seems token is the jargon they're using for those summonable units.

• 8/5/2016
Thanks for the clarification.
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