Game Update: June 28th, 2016

  1. Emergency Dispatch
    • Mountain of Maoi and the Creeping Malice ended
    • Subjugate the Kabuto General! Fukushima Masanori starts
  2. Added new castle girl to summoning ritual
    • *7 Goryō Kaku (Cannon)
      • Cannot be constructed
  3. Added Kai
    • Morioka
    • Ryūōzan
  4. New features
    • Added Delegated Dispatch to main campaign battles
      • Unlock by winning a battle without losing warehouses and without castle girls taking major damage on hard
    • Added new weapon: Cannon
      • Cannons will appear as rewards from castle girls' present events and drop from battles where range weapons are available as drops
  5. Others
    • 10 continuous summons returned
    • Compatibility