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• 6/8/2016

Game update: June 7th, 2016

1. Emergency Dispatch

  •  [Defeat the warlord boss:  Toshiie Maeda] starts

2.  Added new castle girl to castle summoning ritual

  • 5* Oyama (尾山城)
    • Not available from Normal or Special Construction.

3.  Summoning spotlight rotated

  • Odawara, Iga Ueno, Frankenstein added

4.  Added Kai I to some castle girls

  • 6* Odawara (小田原城)
  • 4* Iga-Ueno (伊賀上野城)

5.  Mission menu changes

  • Mission menu highlighted (with same flashing exclamation mark as freshly constructed castles) when cleared missions have collectable rewards waiting
  • Progress is now displayed
  • Cleared missions now shown at top of list
  • Colour changed to blue for daily missions

6.  New Feature

  • Terrain bonus added
    • Castle girls get 1.2x bonus in HP/Attack/Defense when fully gigantified and matching the terrain type.   

7.  Apologies

  • Regarding the June 2nd emergency maintenance
    • All users who had registered by June 6th, 2016 at 18:00 have been given 3 spiritual gems in their gift boxes as an apology present

8.  Bug fix

  • A bug in which Ishiyama Gobō's defensive stats were lost when using her stratagem has been fixed.  All players who had registered and owned her by the beginning of this maintenance have been given 2 spiritual gems in their gift boxes as an apology present
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• 6/8/2016
Seems like Castle Girls with terrain types split between water and anything else only get the water bonus.
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