Game update: May 31st, 2016

  1. Emergency Dispatch
  2. Pre-Android release campaign starts
    • 10 continuous castle summoning available for a limited time
      • Until the 14th of June, spend 50 spiritual gems to summon 10 castle girls, Tsubasa Kai
      • Android version to be released soon, announcement will be made upon release
  3. Added new castle girl to castle summoning ritual
    • *6 Hiroshima
      • Not available from Normal or Special Construction.
  4. Summoning spotlight rotated
    • Check for details within game
  5. Added Kai I to some castle girls
    • *3 Gassantoda
  6. Added Normal Missions to Missions
    • Completing all new missions gives you up to 100 spiritual gems
      • Castle construction, remodel and battle wins counts starts after maintenance
      • Conditions available in the Missions tab accessible from the Estate
  7. New Feature
    • 100 DMM point castle summoning
      • Normally requiring 5 spiritual gems, players get to summon 1 castle girl with only 100 DMM points
  8. Balance
    • Performer Class
      • Skill now takes 1 gigantification to activate
      • Skills now scale along gigantification
      • Skills adjusted accordingly
      • Deployment costs decreased by 1
    • *5 Kannonji's stratagem adjusted
      • Changed to recovery over time
      • Cooldown decreased
  9. Apologies
    • Regarding the data update on the 24th of May
      • Users who logged in before the 24th of May are given 1 spiritual gem