Game Update: May 17th, 2016

  1. Emergency Dispatch
  2. Added new castle girl to castle summoning ritual
    • *4 Bodaisan
      • Not available from Normal or Special Construction.
    • Castle girls with increased rates rotated, details within game
  3. Added new castle girl to construction
    • *2 Iwate
  4. Added Kai I to some castle girls
    • Ichijoudani
  5. Balance
    • Bow Class - Decreased attack cooldown
    • Crossbow Class - Attack increased
      • Attack cooldown adjusted in accordance to attack increase
    • Crossbow equipment attack increased
    • Changed Fukuoka's Stratagem effect
      • Ki cost adjusted in accordance to effect
      • Added token exclusive dot (?)
  6. Others
    • [200000 player registration commemoration] spiritual gem present
      • Any user logging in 18th to 27th of May will receive 1 spiritual gem as preset per day.
        • Present for the 18th will be given starting from 5:00 am of the same day, present for the 27th will given until 4:59 am 2-on the 28th.
    • Added Deployment with dialogue button (repeats all event dialogue)
      • Can be chosen after clearing a mission
        • Note: Choosing it  will still start the mission thus consuming spiritual energy
    • Using castle girls, stratagems, and menu will no longer decrease the game speed, to go back to normal game speed, click on the fast forward button or an empty space on the map
  7. Spiritual gem refunds due to bugs
    • Due to the emergency maintenance on May 9th some users' Emergency Dispatch and Castle Summoning banners were displayed incorrectly, anybody who spent spiritual gems during that time are being refunded, please check your present box for your spiritual gem refund.