Game Update: May 2nd, 2016

1. Ended Emergency Dispatch

2. Added new story to Country Unification

3. Opened all daily mission for limited time.

  • Added new mission [Scroll of Gifts]

4. Changed the target of Special Construction Rate Up

  • Targeted Castle: *4 Komoro and *3 Yoita

5. Added *5 Hagi to Castle Summoning Ritual

  • Not available from Normal or Special Construction

6. Changed the target of appearance up on Summoning Ritual

  • Targeted Castle: *6 Sawayama, *5 Hagi, *4 Aizu-Wakamatsu and *4 Fukuoka

7. Added Castle Girl Reconstruction System

  • Will only shows Castle that can be reconstructed
  • Need Reconstruction Point by feeding another Castle with the same rarity

8. Others:

  • Moved Weapon list to Workshop Menu to make room for Reconstruction
  • Balance adjustment to Castle Girls
  • Changed the voice for some of the Castle Girls

9. Delivered 1 Spiritual Gem to user who own Komoro before April 26th as an apology for the bug.