Game Update: April 26th, 2016

1. Opened the latter half of Tenka Fubu Emergency Dispatch.

- The gathered Kinmeisui will be usable even after the event ended.

2. Added new castle girl, *6 Bran, to Castle Summoning Ritual.

- Not available from Normal or Special Construction.

3. Changed the target of rate up on Castle Summoning Ritual.

- Targeted castle: *6 Bran, *5 Frankenstein, *5 Sendai II and *4 Tottori

4. Others:

- Changed the stats of Kai I Castle Girls

+ Changed the rarity and parameter

+ Changed some of Kai I's Skill

+ Added Stratagem to some Kai I

+ A system to reconstruct a Castle Girl into Kai I will be implemented someday.

- Added function to the Encyclopedia to view Kai I clothing.

- Kai I Castle now can receive a Gift.

5. Bugfix:

- Fixed some bug with Komoro Castle 2nd event's choice.

- As an apology for the bug, every player that own Komoro before April 26th maintenance will be given 1 Spiritual Gem after next maintenance.