Game Update: April 19th, 2016

[Implemented Contents]

1. Opened Emergency Dispatch 'The Revival of Tenka Fubu! Smash the Kabuto's Ambition!'

2. Added new castle girl, *5 Gifu, to the game.

- Obtainable from Special Construction.

- Delivered 1 Gifu for each Mamushi sake that the player own from Shiropro carry over. Can be claimed from present box.

3. Added new castle girl, *5 Kanonji, to Castle Summoning Ritual.

- Not obtainable from Normal or Special Construction.

4. Changed the target of rate up on Summoning Ritual.

- Targeted castle: *5 Kanonji, *5 Marugame, *4 Utsunomiya and *4 Morioka.

5. Added new system to the game.

- Added 'Present' system

+ Increase the bond with castle girls by giving present.

+ Presents is obtainable as a drop from the ongoing Emergency Dispatch.

+ The drop rate from Emergency Dispatch isn't affected by difficulty choosen.

+ As of now, the first remodel of each castle girls can't receive a presents. <- not really sure about this one

- Added new illustration gallery and event replay system to the Encylcopedia.

6. Others

- Changed some battle in Country Unification so that the next wave will start after a certain period even if there's still enemies left. Affected map is from 始まりの狼煙~筑後~ to 夜叉式乱髪兜~摂津~

- The ammount of Spirit Power consumed is halved when failing a battle (rounded down)

- Changed *6 Odawara's skill from only affecting herself to also affecting all allies within range.

- Changed the requirement to unlock Daily Mission into: Clear 心の刃~肥前~

- Some counter-measure to system error.