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• 4/13/2016

Construction Campaign

Campaign period: 4/5 - 4/12 Maintenance

Campaign details:

1. 特殊築城 (Special construction) open

During the duration of campaign, when using special construction, it will increase the appearance rate of certain castle girl compared to using normal construction. Current rate up target: *3 Shikano and *3 Tsurugaoka.

<<Special Construction detail>>

- Uses 5 key stone and 1000 gold each try.

- Increased the rate of target castle girl.

- Further increase the rate if you don't have the target castle girl.

- Appearance rate of *3 and higher is twice the rate of normal construction.

+ Please be aware that the newly added *4 Imabari and *3 Ishigakiyama isn't available outside of Summoning Ritual (gacha).

2. Daily Mission [Warehouse defense -keystone's vol-] open

During the duration of campaign, Warehouse defense -scroll of keystone- mission will be available for play. Keystone is easily available as a drop here.

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• 4/13/2016
refer to 2016/4/12 game update for the new lineup.
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