Game Update: April 5th, 2016

1. Castle Girl Summoning Ritual (gacha) update:

- Added 2 new Castle Girl to Castle Girl Summoning Ritual, *4 Imabari and *3 Ishigakiyama. They won't appear from Normal or Special Construction.

- Increased the rate of *6 Ishiyamagobo, *5 Fukuyama, *4 Imabari and *3 Ishigakiyama. (You can check their status using the newly added 注目城娘 button at gacha screen)

2. Others:

- Adjusted the difficulty of some map in Country Unification (story mode).

- Adjusted the performance of some Castle Girl's stratagem:

+ Increased the range of stratagem that 'increase the status of Castle Girl within range'.

+ Added 'increase the status of Castle Girl within range' to stratagem that generate Spirit. (ex: Shuri's Shisa now also increase def by 10% within small area)

+ Increased the HP of 火牛の計 stratagem.

+ Increased the attack speed of 忍者 stratagem.

+ Increased the defence of Katana user.

- Added Skip button to event before/after battle.

3. Bug fix:

- Fixed the bug where certain Castle Girl skill also affect Tono.

4. Pre-open Present:

- 5 Soul Gem to user that logged in at least once during pre-open.

5. Emergency Maintenance apology:

- 1 Soul Gem to all user for 4/1 emergency maintenance.

6. Sanadamaru delivery date:

- Sanadamaru from the Release Commemoration campaign will be distributed after 4/12 maintenance.

- Reward target:

+ User that carry over the data from Shiropro.

+ User that participated during ShiroproRE pre-open.

+ User that played until 4/5 after ShiroproRE official release.